Erotic Fairytales

A collection of fantasy inspired erotic stories exploring characters that are both sexually liberated, non-binary and free from the evils of human tradition.


In my world, you are free to love whomever you choose and the act of consensual exploration is a virtue, practiced by those whom are of the highest state of consciousness.

Photography by Ana Isabel

The Desires of a Prince

Chapter One

Part 1 preview

It was nearing midnight and I was tiring from the festivities at the palace. It was a warm Summer's eve and my deep red velvet doublet and silken shirt began to cling to my over heated lightly freckled skin. I called for my servant, a male faun; half man with goat legs and horns rising from his forehead. His loosely fasted linen robe hid nothing of his well defined and muscular form, which began to entice me with thoughts of seduction. A much welcomed distraction from the weight of this ruby encrusted crown pressing firmly into my throbbing temples. “Drohan, please announce my leave and have my bedchamber prepared. It's too warm and I'm tired of this spectacle”. The court was meandering into yet another aroused state of affairs; orgies, riots, and endlessly flowing wine. The faeries are merciless on mead and the humans are always so pathetically helpless to their seductive ways, meaning their frenzied fornication would almost always last until the sunrise.  


Discretely as I could, I slid behind the tall oak wood throne, carefully sculpted to appear like climbing ivy and painted in rustic gold. Cautiously I departed through a hidden doorway behind a forest tapestry that led to my private quarters. The dark stone wall passageway untouched by the heat, cooled my aching skin. As I reached the dimly lit chamber, I vigorously began to unlace my doublet and peel apart the nape of my silken shirt. The fresh air from an open window is sweet and cooling on my moist skin, immediately lifting my mood. I press my now naked back firmly against the stone wall facing the tall and gothic open window frame, releasing my bare flesh to the sweeping touch of the elements. The frolics of the evening, mixed with the after effects of too much blackberry wine, flood my mind with excitement and I feel myself grow with desire.   


“Everything is prepared, your highness” announces Drohan...

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Part 2 preview

Half dazed with a hang over and still naked.  I feel the morning sunlight on my squinting face and the bed furs sticking to the parts of my body where we both released merely hours ago. Lazily rising my head towards where the light is coming from, I observe the floor length silk curtains billowing in the gentle breeze, having not been closed properly the night before. I begin to stir my body and feel the firm prodding of Drohan's hardness pressed against my buttocks, as he sleepily suggests more love making. Knowing he wants me is an irresistible distraction from fully waking and the desire for him immediately returns, as the heat rushes to my groin. I reach around for his rough hand...

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