The Viking Elf

Did you ever hear of the Viking Elf,

Who traveled by sea to find himself?


He was destined to rule, but he felt that was cruel.

By no fault of his own, he had to sit on a throne.

But how could he win the trust of his kingdom,

If he could not deliver great knowledge and wisdom.


He met with the Faeries, and gave them rare berries,

In exchange for the light of the mystical sprite.


"Journey forth into the misty veils,

Until you find the watery trails.

Follow the signs carved into the stones,

Taking care when you pass the ancient bones.

When you reach the mountain peak,

there you will find the realm of mystique.

Seek for the priestess all in white,

Whom has the gift of great foresight.

Only she can help you now,

So kindly please honour your vow."


He paid the sprite, and smiled with delight,

And continued his quest into the foggy west.


to be continued...


The Moon Princess

A daughter born from the glow of night,

A waxing moon was the time of her delight.


Eyes like the purple amethyst;

That sparkle like a starry mist.

Her moonlit hair glows a golden shower,

That flows down her back, like a windswept flower.

Luminous lips that light her gentle face,

Much like moonlight mirrors in water.

Which could only be her birthplace.


A silken gown wrapped around her shape,

White lace and ribbons entwined down from her nape.

A moonstone sits above her breast;

Like a child's head is laid to rest.

She calls upon the ocean's tide,

So that she may glide to her mortal lover's side.

He waits upon the earth's lands-end,

Praying that this creature will be here till his end.

Yet their love must part on a waning moon.

Until next time there comes another new moon.