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A 2hr Q&A with leading guests from across all aspects of the entertainment industry.


1hour Session with a private coach. In person or via Zoom.


Group workshops via Zoom with a mixture of prepared text, improvisation and vocal skills.


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Entertainment Industry Q&A

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The Friday Q&A's have been put on hold until further notice (or until the next lock down). With the industry slowly getting back to normal, arranging quality time with an array of Casting Directors is just not feasible.

Previous and returning panel guests incl. Andrea Clark Casting, Faye Timby (Sophie Holland), Amy Raine Jackson (Amy Hubbard), Shakyra Dowling Casting, Kate Bone (Nina Gold), Producer Ian Sharp, Producer Rebecca Tranter, Cre8 Talent Agency , BWH Talent Agency....









ENTRY FEE: A donation of your choosing to support the charity you would prefer to donate to. No refunds.


  1.  Complete EMAIL first and state your name and spotlight link. You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your place. I advise doing this at least 1 hour before the Q&A starts. DO NOT email me directly as these applicants will not be read.

  2. Once you have received your confirmation email, please donate by clicking on either picture(s) below and MAKE SURE your full name is visible to the organizer. This way the admins can see who has paid the entry fee. Anonymous donators will receive a payment reminder and will not appear on the register as confirmed attendees. To avoid entry refusal, save a copy of your receipt.

WHERE TO JOIN: Invitation links will go out via the email you booked with 15mins before the session starts.


1-2-1 Acting Lesson



Available upon booking for 1-2-1 or 1-2-2 coaching. The session lasts 1 hour and we work through audition sides, self-tapes, or general improving of skills to prepare you for the acting profession.

I studied under the training of Sanford Meisner at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts and I then worked as an intern for CBS before entering the acting profession.


WHAT TO EXPECT?: During your first session, I want to get to know you and discover together how you cope with being put on the spot. During ANY audition they want to see you entering the space calm, confident and capable of reading the room. We will then discuss your casting and work from there on suitable text or audition sides.

Cost: £15 (During the Covid-19 pandemic, my rates have been lowered to an affordable fee).

Online Actor Workshop

This 3hr session is designed to enhance camera skills, memory, self tapes and approaching fresh text confidently whilst making strong and believable character choices.

NEXT WORKSHOP: Wednesday 2nd December 12-3PM

ENTRY FEE: £5-£10 If you are financially struggling during the pandemic then I urge you to get in contact and let us know before the workshop. Invoices will now be distributed in response to your request to join the workshop.


  1.  Complete this EMAIL first and state your name and spotlight link. You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your place pay via PayPal.

WHERE TO JOIN: Invitation links will go out via the email address you booked with 15mins before the session starts.

WANT TO SEE MORE?: Then follow the hashtag #actorsinquarantine via twitter and Instagram, where you will be able to watch previous workshops and meet the players.

Workshop Admins: Ian Hencher / Sarah Ozeroglu


"I highly recommend Ian's workshops. They were well structured with a really supportive atmosphere." - Hannah West

"Ian is not only an amazing actor but a director who will guide you every step of the way." - Olivia McGuiness

"Ian is a very good coach and directs where he feels it necessary and always gives us honest feedback. I wish I had known about Ian sooner." - Andrea Rose

"The savior of my lock down. Fantastic way to keep your training up and the chance to work with talented actors in the group workshops, that may not have ever had the chance to work with." - Josie Lauren Ellis

"Kept me creative and fun! Met new friends during the Zoom Workshops and they've all helped me push boundaries." - David Mullenger

"A Safe space to practice cold reading with inspiring actors" - Yorgo Glynatsis

"Ian has worked so hard behind the scenes producing pieces for actors to work on and his direction has been invaluable! He is extremely driven and is always positive, whilst giving great advice." - Adam Mroz

"Ian's Coaching for drama schools was empowering and confidence building. His rigorous training will put you through your paces so really nail that audition. A brilliant and nurturing teacher." - Sorcha Verey

"I cant recommend Ian's workshops enough. From the first one I attended, I felt so welcomed by Ian and the group. I've read for scripts that I would never have usually chosen for myself and Ian made me achieve things I didn't know I was capable of." - Holly Scott

"There's such a comfortable & easy vibe to the workshops that make you feel comfortable to explore. The notes are great, exciting & interesting to work with." - JD Hunt


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